Deadly Scripture

The Word of God acts faster than a bullet, is more accurate than a laser, penetrates deeper than an x-ray, is aimed with a thought, and is fired by a word.

It is the weapon of choice for the arch combatants of the universe. In direct assault upon the first Adam, Satan began his offensive by quoting God’s word. After thousands of years and millions men, he again reaches for the same weapon when attacking Jesus. In response, the second Adam, the creator of the universe, one with the Father, who could have sent a lightening bolt or summoned more than twelve legions of angels, parried Satan’s four attacks with four references to God’s Word.

God’s word is the difference between the way of the wicked and the path of the just. It is the difference between a dark path of stumbling and injury where the obstacles are never even identified, for the “wicked know not at what they stumble”, and a path of dawning light that “shineth more and more unto the perfect day”.

How do we train for combat with the Word of God?

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